About our programs

CORE - Write to Change the World (1-Day)

Our day-long Core Seminar ("Write To Change The World") is designed to test assumptions about our individual knowledge, and what it takes to be influential on a large scale. We explore the source of credibility; the patterns and elements of persuasion; the difference between being “right” and being effective; how to preach beyond the choir; and how to think bigger about what you know—to have more impact in the world. Participants emerge with concrete results, including the outline for an op-ed.

Completion of any of the below seminars grants participants follow-up access to our national network of high-level Mentor-Editors (up to 3 months). For groups that want to purchase 10 or more spots at once, learn more about our group rates.

Schedule of programs


+ Atlanta

+ Boston

+ Charlotte, NC

+ Charlottesville, VA

+ Chicago

+ Dallas

+ Denver

+ Detroit

+ Los Angeles

+ McAllen, Texas

  • TBD

+ New York City

+ Oakland

  • TBA

+ San Francisco

+ San Jose

  • TBA

+ Seattle

  • TBA

+ Tucson

  • TBA

+ Washington, D.C.


+ October 2019

  • October 25, New York City

+ November 2019

  • November 8, Boston
  • November 9, Dallas, TX
  • November 15, New York City
  • November 16, Atlanta
  • November 22, Charlotte

+ December 2019

  • December 6, Denver
  • December 6, Chicago
  • December 7, Chicago
  • December 7, San Francisco
  • December 7, Washington, DC
  • December 7, Charlottesville, VA
  • December 8, Washington, DC
  • December 13, New York City
  • December 14, New York City
  • December 14, Detroit
  • December 15, Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

This program is open to everyone who wants to change the world, across color, creed, class, gender, orientation, political persuasion, and beyond. However, we target underrepresented voices, including women, with valuable (and underrepresented) knowledge and experience.

This program is also suitable for all levels of players. It is designed to be of highest value whether you are at the beginning of your career, at the top of your game, or somewhere in the middle, side, or other. Our focus is on thinking with power and clarity, not on media or writing per se. Thus our workshop is also equally powerful for those with or without publishing experience.  If you'd like to bring The OpEd Project to your university, nonprofit, conference, community organization or company, contact us.


What is your Scholarship Policy?

We are committed to ensuring OpEd Project programs are affordable for any underrepresented person who is committed to changing the world with their voice.  To that end, we provide full and partial scholarships for up to 40% of participants in any workshop. Our scholarship policy follows a sustainable social justice model in which those who can afford to pay help support those who cannot. For more information and to apply for a scholarship, click here.


What is your Cancellation Policy?

Tuition is fully refundable if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of purchase. After that, it is nonrefundable. This is necessary because of our sustainable social justice model, in which scholarship spots are allocated in part based on the number of paid participants who have registered.  However, if a conflict arises, you may transfer your registration to another date, city or person, as follows. 

Should you need to reschedule, you may apply your tuition to a future workshop in any city where we are active, within a calendar year, at no additional charge, so long as you contact us at least five business days prior to the date of your original workshop.  With 5 days notice or less there is a $100 rescheduling fee, as we cap our sessions at 20 and will be effectively holding an empty seat for you. If you do not use your tuition within a calendar year, it will be lost.  

Alternatively, you may "pay it forward" and send another person to the workshop for which you registered.  If you choose to do this, and also wish to register yourself for a future session, we will grant a $50 credit toward your tuition for your future session (please request this before your register for the next session).  

If you do not show up for a session for which you have registered, and have not given us advance notice, we cannot transfer your registration.

Want to join us, but don't see a date that works for you?

You can sign up here for updates on new cities and dates as they become available.