Campaigns are strategic interventions we create with partners, to serve and elevate a particular group of underrepresented voices, or viewpoints, within a concentrated time frame. 

A campaign can target specific individuals, or it can target a specific kind of expertise, identity or background. A campaign can also target people across the nation (that is, it is not geographically restricted to any one location), so can be a way to connect or unite organizations or communities that are geographically dispersed.  A campaign  takes place over multiple months (up to one year). The goal is to have clear and measurable results (op-eds and more) that track back to the campaign, and significantly amplify the targeted group.

How it works  

A group of ten or more people can register together for our Write to Change the World workshops.  Registering together will guarantee a lower rate for your group, which can be passed on to the individual members, or can be designated for a scholarship recipient.  Those who register as a group can reserve a spot in any Write To Change the World workshop with open seats, and in any city or date on our schedule, within one calendar year of the group's registration.  Members of the group may choose to attend different workshops on different dates or in different cities (which is ideal for groups that are geographically dispersed), or the entire group may choose to attend a single workshop in the same city altogether.  The choice is yours.


A single entity must pay for the entire group at once, in order to receive the group rate.  You can pass along the cost/savings to your people, or not, as you wish.  Alternatively, you can designate the savings go to a scholarship recipient of your choosing or ours.


  • 10 people:    $3100  ($310/person)
  • 20 people:    $6000  (300/person)
  • 50 people:    $13,750 ($275/person)
  • 100 people:  $25,000 ($250/person)

Reserving a spot

Once your group has registered, please contact us to let us know know which workshop you would like attend.  You may reserve a spot or spots in any workshop with open seats, provided it takes place in the next calendar year.  If you are not sure what workshop you wish to attend, that's fine too--you may contact us at later date.   


Please note that  our Write to Change The World workshops fill up fast. Please reserve your spots well in advance to help us ensure that we can accommodate as many members of your group as wish to attend.  In major cities, workshops often fill (sell out) 3+ weeks in advance. 


To Arrange a Campaign: