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Our organizational culture is lean, fast, inventive, courageous, entrepreneurial, digitally savvy, playful, and transparent. We believe in the power of compassionate truth telling and spontaneous fun. We believe in dance breaks, dogs visiting the office, bringing our full complexity to the office, working across all generations, traveling far and wide, and cracking the codes.  

About The OpEd Project

The OpEd Project is a social venture and leadership organization, founded to change who writes history. We are a community of journalists, thought leaders and change agents who actively share knowledge, resources and connections across color, creed, class, sexuality, gender, ability and beyond. Through our nationally recognized curriculum, our team of journalist mentors, and through a portfolio of programs in partnership with leading institutions across the nation and the globe, we accelerate the ideas and impact of underrepresented voices, including women of all backgrounds. We have been covered by most major media. We have stunning results.

We believe:

  • The story we tell becomes the world we live in.

  • The world becomes more intelligent when it is more inclusive.

  • The best ideas, regardless of where they come from, should have a chance to be heard and to change the world.

Over the past few years, we have experienced significant growth.  As we grow, we are seeking to build our core leadership team, in anticipation of a bold new chapter. We will continue to expand our core Write to Change the World workshops in cities across the nation (and the globe), and we are also seeking to organize and coordinate our flagship Public Voices Fellowship initiative into a powerful new force to change cultural narrative on a large scale, with permanent and undeniable impact.

Want to know more? Read how our longtime Chief of Staff, now board member, Court Baxter, got her job with us here.

Facilitator / Fellowship Leader

(Part time contract)

Location: Any major U.S. city

Application Deadline: The application cycle is closed at this time, but feel free to apply now for when we open the next round.

Compensation: Starting at $2000+/month for PT facilitators (Senior Facilitators may be paid additional).

As we continue to grow, The OpEd Project continuously builds our team of Facilitators and Fellowship Leaders. We are predominantly working journalists and thought leaders with a track record of high-impact writing and extensive commentary experience, a gift for coaching and facilitation, a deep desire to learn and practice The OpEd Project’s nationally-acclaimed curriculum and method, and a commitment to forging a more inclusive world. This part-time role is equal parts work and passion. For most of us, the role complements our more traditional work as a journalist, writer, or teacher (we may have a column or book in the works, or may be teaching at a journalism school, for example). We are a tight-knit team of twenty-five and growing, working with 100s of partners nationwide, to broaden the demographics of voice and change history.

About the role

Those who are selected to join our team will receive intensive training in The OpEd Project method of transformational facilitation. After completing our extensive training and certification process, our Senior Facilitators are assigned to lead OpEd Project programs around the nation and the world, including especially our prestigious Public Voices Fellowships embedded in leading institutions such as Yale, Columbia, Northwestern, Ford Foundation, etc. These programs and fellowships are based on The OpEd Project's widely-acclaimed curriculum and methods, designed to accelerate the ideas and public impact of underrepresented thinkers (including women), and to trigger meaningful change on a personal and collective level. Senior Facilitators and Fellowship leaders work in teams of three to mentor, train, and transform a cadre of exceptional thinkers into public intellectuals over the course of a year .We have a stunningly successful model. A short video of one of our Public Voices fellowships is here.

Our Facilitator and Fellowship Leader positions are highly rewarding with a lot of flexibility. Facilitators and Fellowship Leaders can be located in any major U.S. city. Travel to fellowship sites is required four times a year, for 1-2 days, and travel to our annual national 3-day team leadership retreat is required for facilitators who wish to lead at the senior facilitator level. Facilitators participate in weekly and monthly calls with OpEd Project teams across the nation, and forge relationships with approximately 10 high-level mentees with whom they communicate virtually and regularly throughout the year, on a weekly or sometimes daily basis. Facilitators must manage time and expectations accordingly, while always being responsive to deadlines. Basic contracts are part-time (recommended 10-15 hours/week, although actual hours may ebb and flow). Senior team members may take on more extensive contracts, and may be invited to lead short (one-day or multi-day) programs across the U.S., as well as internationally, for additional compensation. Accountability to results, ability to work as part of a tightly-focused and fast-moving team, and an ongoing commitment to and investment in our mission is key.


Facilitators and Fellowship Leaders have the opportunity to:

  • Train in and (once certified) deliver The OpEd Project's transformational, game-based "Mattering" curriculum, including:how to understand knowledge in the most purposeful context, think in new and bigger ways, address opposition and change minds, shift conversation, think and write with clarity and resonance, accelerate cross-pollination, forge a legacy of impact that ripples out over generations, etc.

  • Create relationships with some of the world's most brilliant minds – including awarded professors at some of the country's most prestigious universities, key figures at think tanks, foundations, and nonprofits, as well as grassroots organizers and entrepreneurs

  • Coach these thought leaders in re-conceptualizing the value of their own knowledge to others, coming up with and framing ideas of public value and relevance

  • Edit op-eds on a range of topics, from climate change to technology and culture

  • Pitch op-eds, when appropriate, to media outlets with whom The OpEd Project has relationships, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, TED, The Stanford Social Innovation Review, Huffington Post, etc (when leading an active fellowship).


  • Superb questioning, listening and analytic skills (able to rapidly compare, contrast, and translate to action) - and a willingness to constantly improve these skills

  • Clear, unambiguous alignment with The OpEd Project mission, vision, culture and values.

  • Excitement to join an organization that will that demands and supports the process of understanding how inequities exist and are evolving in the world and how this shows up in our rooms.

  • Ability to work in a time-sensitive environment, on deadline, with compassion and reliability

  • Passion for the world of ideas and journalism as it is evolving, including new technologies

  • Superlative interpersonal/professional communication skills (verbal/written)

  • Ability to create meaningful relationships across fields, with scholars, activists, editors

  • Experience in OpEd Project transformational facilitation method (clear and unambiguous desire to learn and continue learning every year).

  • Love of people and a sincere desire to be of help; warm, authentic communication style

  • Extensive and superb commentary experience (editor, columnist, etc.)

  • Track record of high-impact writing/editing in vetted outlets with large audiences.


Following an intensive training and certification process in our methodology, Facilitators and Fellowship Leaders will be compensated a competitive honorarium starting at $2K/month for a basic contract (about 1/4 time), and increasing with time and experience. Top facilitators may scale up (working 1/2 time or more), and may also be offered the opportunity to lead short (day-long or multi-day) programs in the U.S. and internationally, on an as-needed basis, for additional compensation.

To Apply

If you are excited by the above description and love seeing people wake up to the power of their own knowledge, please send us a short cover letter telling us why our work resonates with you, what you think you can bring to our team, and why you believe you would be outstanding in this role. Please also send us your CV with relevant links to published commentary. You can submit your application and video at this link

Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. Candidates who are already familiar with The OpEd Project method and curriculum are given preference (therefore, if you have not already experienced our core "Write to Change the World" workshop, we recommend signing up for one in a city near you as your next step). Finalists must be able to attend an OpEd Project workshop and an in-person audition with our team as a prerequisite for further consideration.

Program Manager

Location: This position is based in New York City.
Application Deadline: Location: This position is based in New York is no deadline for this hire - we’ll hire for this position more than once, as need arises, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Compensation: Salary is expected to exceed $50K in base plus bonus - contingent on meeting revenue and performance deliverables.

Our team of program associates and program managers is the connective tissue that grounds and guides our team of working journalists, facilitators, and thought leaders across the nation. We are recruiting highly organized, very personable, and execution-oriented superstars to join us as we continue to grow. This position is deeply essential to our organization, and offers real responsibility and rapid opportunity for promotion for someone who excels. Social vision, accountability to results, ability to work as part of a fast-moving team, and an ongoing commitment to and investment in our mission is key.

Program managers work with program associates and other senior staff to run our day-long public programs and 3-12 month Public Voices fellowship programs from start to finish, bringing together an exciting ecosystem of professional journalists, scholars, activists and community leaders. With support, managers will be responsible for the success, excellence and growth of a portfolio of programs, including public programs offered in major US cities and fellowship programs that run in partnership with leading universities and foundations. Program managers guide and support the facilitator teams that deliver the programming in each program, to create a transformational experience for every participant. They support our journalist facilitators, liaise with our partners within universities and foundations, foster regional partnerships around our public programs in the cities they oversee, and help build relationships that create moving experiences within our community and our team.

This is an amazing position for a person who wishes to have a career in social change or be a social entrepreneur. A stellar candidate will have the opportunity to join a small but rapidly growing social venture with real and meaningful responsibility, and will be able to see their impact in concrete and moving ways. This is also an amazing position for someone who wants to develop a career at the nexus of media, social justice, entrepreneurism, women's rights and thought leadership.


Event and Project Management
• Manage all people, place, financial and training-related logistics for 10 day-long public programs each year
• Manage all people, place and training-related logistics for 3-5 Public Voices fellowship programs each year
• Support teams of best-in-class journalist facilitators as they deliver programming at our day-long public programs (Write to Change the World) and Public Voices Fellowship programs
• Track progress and document impact and stories of transformation from your programs
• Join and occasionally lead weekly and monthly planning and reporting calls

Business Development
• Develop partnerships and outreach relationships to help fill 10 day-long public programs each year. Some of these programs will be in new cities where no relationships exist, and some will be in cities where some relationships already exist
• Oversee and grow communities of underrepresented thought leaders in cities in your portfolio
• Create meaningful partnerships within communities around our programs, that lead to growth and action
• Drive demand and amplify impact of programs under your management via social media
• Support, evaluate, and coordinate the efforts of journalists on your program teams
• Passionately represent OpEd Project at events, conferences and talks

• Minimum of a B.A.
• Proven track record of making things happen (for example, managing or better yet launching a project or event with multiple moving parts and people, that required you to drive demand, interact with customers, speakers, and clients, and handle logistics and operations).
• Resourceful, "no excuses" attitude (able to see what needs to happen, finds a way to make it happen)
• 3-5 years of prior work experience, preferably in a job with significant project management
• Strong analytic skills (ability to assess and translate information into next steps)
• Nimble and driven – can identify problems and solutions quickly
• Excellent judgment – knows when to act and when to consult + seek permission before acting
• Extremely organized, impeccable attention to detail
• Superior communication skills (written/verbal)
• Warm, personable communication style
• "No job is too big or too small" attitude
• Desire to be pushed, to grow/stretch rapidly
• Tech-savvy
• Prior experience supervising direct reports and indirect reports preferred

To apply
If you are execution-minded, entrepreneurial, organized, warm and personable, and if you have a hankering to be a change-maker in the world, then we invite you to submit a resume and a short letter telling us why our work resonates with you and why you think you would rock this job. You can submit your application at this link. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply as soon as you can. Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. Preference in hiring will be given to those who have direct experience with our work, including at minimum having experienced a daylong workshop. (therefore, if you have not already experienced our core "Write to Change the World" workshop, we recommend signing up for one in a city near you as your next step. Scholarships are available).