Our "Pay in Words" Scholarship Policy

We are committed to ensuring that OpEd Project programs are affordable for any underrepresented person who is dedicated to changing the world with their voice.  To that end, we provide full and partial scholarships for up to 40% of participants in any public workshop. Our scholarship policy follows a "sustainable social justice model" in which each workshop is designed to run at cost (neither profit nor loss) while allowing as many scholarships as possible. Those who can afford to pay help support those who cannot.  Thus, the number of scholarships we can offer depends on the number of participants who have registered at the time.


We ask anyone who wishes a scholarship to "pay in words" by sending us a request in writing telling us why the assistance is needed, what op-ed you are committed to writing, and how it will contribute to changing the world.  We go on the honor system, but we ask that you request the minimum scholarship support that will allow you to attend—so that we can accommodate others who are in need. 

If a scholarship of more than 50% is needed, we request that you first contact your employer to see if they will match our scholarship, before requesting additional support from us (many organizations and institutions support this kind of professional development, particularly if they know their support for you will be matched by us).  If that option is unavailable to you, we ask that you submit a 750-word draft op-ed, in order to be considered for a majority or full scholarship.

To request a "Pay in Words" scholarship, please fill out this form, and one of our Program Managers will be in touch. Please submit your scholarship application as far in advance as possible, and ideally at least four weeks before the date of the desired program. Note: You must submit your scholarship request to us before you register.  We cannot retroactively grant scholarships.

One last word about our philosophy:  We want to ensure that anyone who wants to change the world can afford to join us.  We also want to ensure that everyone puts skin in the game.  That is why we ask for an advance payment—whether in dollars or in words (or in the case of our Mentor-Editors, in time).  Everyone is contributing, one way or another. This leads to a great experience, and great results.  For everyone. 

We very much hope you’ll join us!