Public Voices Fellowship

The Tucson Public Voices Fellowship launched in 2013 as a collaboration between the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona and the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Each cohort has brought together a group of diverse fellows - both faculty from the University of Arizona and business and social justice leaders in the Southern Arizona community. In the first three years of this collaborative fellowship, 58 Fellows published over 170 op-eds, as well as 50+ TV/radio appearances, keynote speeches and awards. Fellows have published in The AtlanticThe Washington PostCNNthe Guardianthe Los Angeles TimesUSA TodayESPN, Al Jazeera America, The HillStanford Social Innovation ReviewThe Huffington Post and The Root. They have launched new research studies, leveraged new funding streams, and shaped local and national debate and policy. 


Tucson public voices y3 (2015-16)

Tucson public voices y2 (2014-15)

Tucson public voices y1 (2013-14)