Dartmouth College

Public Voices Fellowship

DARTMOUTH joined the Public Voices Fellowship initiative in October 2012 and is now in its fifth year. Fellows have produced over 200 major successes, including pieces in The New York Times, CNN.com, Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post, ABC News, Quartz and The Guardian. Fellows have written on everything from U.S. drug policy to disability rights to online privacy. One Dartmouth fellow's op-ed published at CNN received more than a half million page views. Several fellows have parlayed their op-eds into public radio, blog and network website appearances. Fellows collaborated across disciplines, bringing them into closer dialogue with each other on campus, and into deeper conversation with Dartmouth students.


Dartmouth public voices y4 (2015-16)

Dartmouth public voices y3 (2014-15)

Dartmouth public voices y2 (2013-14)

Dartmouth public voices y1 (2012-13)