Editorial Packages: Work one-on-one with an OpEd Project journalist mentor

For OpEd Project alums and fellows who want additional editorial support beyond the scope of what we offer through our existing programs (Public Voices Fellowships and/or Write to Change the World workshops), and beyond the scope of support that we offer through our volunteer mentoring program, we may offer one-on-one editing packages.  

The Basics

Prior to assigning an editorial package, please schedule a call to discuss your needs and our availability. If we mutually agree, we will assign an OpEd Project journalist mentor to work with you for the agreed upon number of hours, within an agreed upon time frame.  You will have the opportunity to hold an initial 20 minute call with the OpEd Project journalist mentor we recommend, without obligation to go forward.  Provided both you and the journalist mentor agree to work together, you must register and pay for the editorial package within 48 hours and prior to engaging in any work with our journalist mentor. The amount of the editorial package is due in full at this time and is non-refundable.  Once you have registered, the journalist mentor will work with you, subject to your availability and hers/his, within the time frame agreed upon, and according to the needs and goals outlined in your initial phone call with each other. These may include: brainstorming ideas, editorial coaching around themes, copy editing, or pitching support.  The journalist mentor will alert you (and us) as hours are used up, at the 5 hour point and 10 hour point, and thereafter as often as you mutually agree.

To contract

Please contact catherinebaxter@theopedproject.org to discuss your needs and our availability. We will only arrange editorial packages when we mutually agree that it is a good fit.  Note that this service is available only to OpEd Project alums and OpEd Project (Public Voices) fellows. If you are not an alum or fellow, you must register for an OpEd Project program before we can assign an editorial package for you.



    50 Hours Editing Package

    • $7,000.00

    • 50 hours at $140/hour

    25 Hours Editing Package

    • $3,750.00
    • 25 hours at $150/hr

    10 Hours Editing Package

    • $1,600.00
    • 10 hours at $160/hr