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Would you (or your organization) like to partner with The OpEd Project to amplify the voices and ideas of your Community and beyond?

As we grow, we frequently look for like-minded organizations that are interested in partnering with us to co-host our "Write to Change the World" workshops in their space or conference room -- and in exchange we offer folks a chance to train their staff or community members. Hosting requires minimal work on your end (you can find specifics below as well), and in exchange, we will grant you or anyone on your staff two spots in our program at no cost, and, of course, a whole lotta love.

Are you interested? Or do you know an organization that might be? Dates are here. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to co-host by completing the form below.

About: Hosting "Write to Change the World" with The OpEd Project

The OpEd Project is a social venture founded to change who writes history. We are a community of journalists and change-agents who proactively share knowledge, skills and connections across color, creed, class, gender, orientation, age, ability and beyond. We oversee a portfolio of programs across the United States, and the globe, designed to accelerate the ideas and impact of new and necessary voices, overwhelmingly women of all backgrounds. We have stunning results. We believe the story we tell becomes the world we live in.

As we grow, we frequently look for like-minded organizations that are interested in partnering with us to co-host our "Write to Change the World" workshops (a few times a year) in their space. The workshop requires a clean, well-lighted place that seats up to 22 people comfortably, in an environment that is welcoming to all. There is no cost to hosting, and very little (or no) work is required. We partner with a number of organizations in this way, in major cities across the US, and there are multiple benefits to those who partner with us. Some see the partnership as a way to more fully manifest their mission, or to bring greater visibility to their cause. Others value the chance to train members of their team (we provide each partner with two spots in our program, an $800 value). Still others see partnering with us as a way to double down on their commitment to women and diversity. The most obvious benefits are:

  • increased visibility (in media and community)

  • leadership training for your team/board (two spots, $800 value)

  • network building (attract new members, customers, etc)

  • cross-pollinate with like-minded leaders and organizations

  • support diverse/women’s leadership

Our "Write to Change the World" workshops are open to everyone, regardless of affiliation or means, with a focus on underrepresented voices, including women. Workshops are one day and are typically scheduled on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Let us know if you are interested in co-hosting!

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If there are dates on our website where you would like to host, please indicate those. If you would like to host for future programs (without specific dates), please let us know that as well.