Highlights: Alum Op-Eds



"Iran’s alarming crackdown on women" by Qanta A. Ahmed | 30 August 2012

 In “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” Azar Nafisi captured perfectly the conflicts facing the Iranian woman under the post-revolutionary regime as she wrote of mentoring young women studying English literature, including Nabakov’s notorious “Lolita.”


"Women's long battle to define rape" by Estelle B. Freedman | 24 August 2012 

When U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri used the phrase “legitimate rape” to defend his opposition to abortion in cases of rape and incest, President Obama fired back, saying that we should not “be parsing and qualifying and slicing” types of rape. Yet for most of our history, that is precisely what Americans have been doing. Our legal definition of rape has evolved over centuries, and clearly, we’re not done fighting over it.



"Trolling for trolls in Disney World and the real world" by April Alliston | 27 August 2012

You may have thought trolls were those fairytale ogres who lurked under bridges once upon a time, or maybe those vintage naked plastic dolls with the big shocks of brightly-coloured hair that are so ugly they're cute.


"In shunning African refugees, Israel ignores Exodus' call not to 'oppress the stranger'" by Maya Paley | 27 August 2012

Israel was established as a haven for survivors of genocide. But it is now confronting a problem that puts that historical legacy to the test, and the results so far are dismaying.

"The State of Aging: Prisoners and Compassionate Release Programs" by Toni Maschi | 23 August 2012
When 69-year-old Betty Smithey was released from Arizona State Prison last week after serving 49 years for murdering a 15-month-old child, walking with a cane, she gave a face to a population that often goes unnoticed -- the aging men and women in our prison system.