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Help us INCREASE THE RANGE OF VOICES and QUALITY OF IDEAS we hear in the world!
  • BRING THE OP/ED PROJECT TO YOUR INSTITUTION. The OpEd Project aims to increase the range of voices we hear in the world. Our starting goal is to transform a critical mass of women experts with knowledge and expertise that would be of value to the public into public intellectuals. Working with your Corporation, University, or Nonprofit is a way for us to leverage what we're doing for more women and create greater results. It's a way for you to strengthen your networks and foster cross-pollination among your scholars, professionals and community of engaged women. We can customize our program for your specific community. NOTE: The OpEd Project will work with co-ed groups so long as the majority of participants (50% +1) are women.

  • BRING THE OP/ED PROJECT TO YOUR COMMUNITY. Are you part of a community or network of women (Professional association? PTA group? Book club? Political or grassroots campaign?) that you want to see more empowered and think more people should be hearing from? Launch The OpEd Project in your city! If you have a space and can gather 20 or more women, we can send an OpEd Project trainer to you to conduct a seminar, at an affordable rate. (Contact)

  • BECOME A MENTOR-EDITOR. If you are a highly experienced editor, columnist or pundit, join our Mentor-Editor team! For more info email

  • BECOME AN ALUM AMBASSADOR. Alum Ambassadors are alums who want to stay connected with The OEd Project, help their fellow seminar participants stay connected and support each other, and nurture the community of women thought leaders in their area.

  • DONATE FUNDS: SUPPORT OUR MENTOR-EDITOR PROGRAM AND SCHOLARSHIP FUND. The OpEd Project is a social-justice social venture. We ask that everyone pay to attend our seminars, but we subsidize or scholarship those in need, and we do pro bono seminars for mission-aligned organizations that cannot afford our fees. For example, we have worked pro bono with start-up social entrepreneurs in New Orleans, young high school principals in New York, and a women's prison reentry program in Los Angeles. Donate Here. Or contact us if you would like to support a particular program or set of scholarships.

  • DONATE EXPERTISE OR TIME. For example, if you have programming or technical expertise, help us figure out how to better track the successes and extended impact of op-eds published by our alums. If you have financial or fundraising background, consider joining our volunteer business strategy committee. If you have social media expertise or creative marketing experience contact us about helping spread the word. If you want to donate your time to general office support or event organizing, please let us know. And if you think you have no expertise at all, come to one of our seminars so we can show you otherwise. (Request for Proposal)

  • JOIN THE MOVEMENT. Follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook fan group, and check out our Byline Blog. Also, link to us on your personal website or facebook page using the Share button on the bottom of our Home Page.


  • BECOME AN INTERN OR VOLUNTEER. Don't want to put on a suit and follow in the footsteps of everyone else? Want to learn the nuts and bolts of starting an organization to change the world? All interns at The OpEd Project will receive individual mentoring on a regular basis from OEP staff and mentors, are invited to attend OEP events and are awarded a scholarship (valued at $400) to participate in an OEP Own Your Voice-- Change the World! Seminar, and may be paid a stipend depending on experience. Apply by sending a letter of inquiry and your CV or bio to


Duration of Engagement: Minimum commitment of 3 months with a strong possibility of extending position through 2014. 5-10 hours per week working virtually, with the addition of in-person support during local seminars.

Responsibilities: Interns and Junior Fellows provide on-the-ground support and help run local seminars by assisting with outreach, keeping track of registrations, researching participants before sessions, documenting seminars, and participating in business development. In addition, Interns and Junior Fellows provide virtual support for our very successful Public Voices Fellowship program. These positions are excellent opportunities to experience running a business modeled around media and diversity on a micro level.

Details/Compensation: We believe in powerful advocacy, spontaneous fun, and changing the world. All Interns and Junior Fellows receive extensive mentorship to cultivate their skills and voices. Interns/Junior Fellows are invited to OpEd Project events where they can meet and converse with high-level media thought leaders (including influential editors, pundits, and columnists). Because we make a deep investment, these positions are competitive, and we accept only those who demonstrate commitment to our vision.

For the first two months, Interns and Junior Fellows are paid in goods, specifically a scholarship ($400) to participate in any “Write to Change the World” seminar. In addition to regular mentoring from OEP staff, Interns and Junior Fellows receive a modest stipend.

We prefer applicants who live in or near one of our 3 California cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego.

Apply: To apply for the Program Management Internship and/or Junior Fellowship, please submit a cover letter and resume to by Friday, September 27, 2013.